Prices are for day of arrival and departure

Our daily rate includes all food and biscuits from our Menu page.  Should your cat require fresh fish or chicken please ask for details on price.


Our suite sizes exceed the new CIEH guidelines providing your cat/s with enough room to sleep and play in comfort.

Standard Suite

Perfect for one guest but large enough for two/three

1 Guest — £13.00

2 Guests — £21.00

3 Guests — £29.00

Super Sized Suites

We are able to provide a super sized suite for the cats who really need to stretch out. These consist of two inter-connecting rooms comprising two bedrooms and two play areas.

3 Guests — £35.00

4 Guests — £42.00

5 Guests — £50.00

We only allow cats from the same house to share our suites

Check in and Check out

The cattery is open between 9 -10 am and 5 -6 pm Monday to Friday     

Saturdays and Sundays 9 -10am ONLY

“We are closed on all bank holidays” 

This includes Easter, Christmas & New year.  Please be aware when booking your holiday/s that your cats arrival day or collection day could include a bank holiday or holiday period and that we are closed for certain days over these periods open thesis examples so your cat may need to board longer to cover your prefered/booked holiday dates. We hope you understand we cannot accommodate individual holiday departures and arrivals.

Short Stay Fee

There is a minimum charge equivalent to 3 days for short stay of £39.00.


We want you to be absolutely sure that Cats Whiskers is the perfect choice for your cat’s and welcome viewings, please telephone 01491 577711 for an appointment.