Virtual Tour

Press the captions button on the video for live captions.

.9  This is the entrance off the Fairmile, through the 1st car park into cattery parking area.
.23  This is the view your cats will see over our fields, filled with deer’s, rabbits and Red Kites, these all help to keep your cats entertained.
.41 Because of the layout of the cattery it is cool in summer and warm in winter,  
.56 This is the cattery carpark and the office, were we will book your cat in and discuss your cats requirements.
1.53  This is where we wash the litter trays.  Not in the chalets or in the kitchen sinks!   They are cleaned in the 1st bath and then soaked in Veterinary  Grade disinfectant to ensure they are really clean.  They are then              left to dry.
2.06 This is the bright and clean passageway.  Note we have glass windows that can be opened wide in the summer (with blinds too) and closed when it is cold, wet or windy.  Therefore you cat can enjoy its play area in           all weathers…..
  2.29 The Chalets are bright and clean with a climbing tree in the play area, in the rear is the heated bed and thermostat controlled radiator.  The walls are plastic and the floors tiled all for better hygiene.  Each cat is                 also given clean blankets.
2.52 This is the view your cats see over the fields of the deer’s etc.
3.05 Should you require extra room for your cats a window can be opened into the Chalet next door so they can jump between the chalets from climbing tree to tree.
3.10 This is the cattery kitchen were we have a fridge in case you need medicine or food kept cool and a freezer.   We also have a washing machine and dryer.  All bedding is washed between cats.
3.26 We stock a range of dry biscuit’s, however if your cat is on a particular biscuit or a prescription one then you will need to bring your own.  We also stock a good range of wet food, again if it a prescription one you              will need to bring that too.
3.41 The cats are fed twice a day  from my Dolly Trolly.  The cats love it as it like us on a flight choosing our drinks!  They get quite excited as they look over the different foods.
5  We do feed what the owners have asked for, but it keeps the cats happy with this regular activity!